FST Arabia supplies an extensive line of products catering to varied requirements of the industries we serve. 

We also provides after sales and maintenance services for the products we supply.

Some of them are listed below:

Process Control Instruments & Safety Fittings Building and Construction Materials
Calibrators Sound Proof and Thermal Insulating Fiberglass Products
Data Loggers Waterproof and Fireproof Silica/Fiberglass Products
Temperature Controls, Timers & Counters Spacers, Plumbing and Sanitary wares
Intrinsic Safety Instrumentation Products Flooring Tiles, Marbles and Granite
Air Quality, Gas Analyzers, Gas Detectors, Gas Monitors Exhaust Fans and HVAC Ducts
Sensors & Transducers, Signal Conditioners/Converters Metallic Plates and Sheets
Flow Controls, Flow Instrumentation, Flow Meters, Flow Monitors Furniture and Fittings
Level Controls, Level Instrumentation, Level Meters, Level Monitors Fiberglass Materials
Controls, Controllers For Flow, Level, pH, Pump, Speed, Temperature Fasteners
Pressure Controls, Pressure Instrumentation, Pressure Meters, Pressure Sensors
Mechanical Pipe Fittings & Equipment Heavy Equipments & Its Spare parts
Air Dryers and Scrubbers Cranes and Loaders
Mechanical Seals Bearings and Adhesives Forklifts and Trolleys
Compressors and Compressor Spare Parts  Vehicles and Spares
Humidifiers and De Humidifiers Packing Equipment 
Water Pumps, Hydro Test Pumps and Spares Hardness and Impact Tester, Valve Tester
Foundation Bolts, Nuts, Plate and Washers
Pipes and Fittings in PVC, UPVC, CPVC, HDPE,PE  Power & Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection
Condensate Pots, Blind flange, Pipe Spools, Strainers LED Lights/Solar LED/Solar Wind Hybrid Street Lights 
Conveyor Belts, 'V' belts and Power Transmission Belts Plant and Equipment Insulation Products
Rail Hangers, Clips, Fish Plates, Steel Sleepers, Rails Inverters, Batteries and Control Panels
Pipes, Tubes, Flanges, Butt-Weld Fittings in Ferrous and Non Ferrous Materials Solar Air conditioners, Water Heaters
Powered and Non Powered Valves (Check, Butterfly, Gate, Ball, Angle, Needle, Swing) Surge and Lightning Protection
Special Valves for  - Medical Gases, Fire Extinguishers, Anti Corrosion Guards
Boilers and Heat Exchangers, Large Diameter Dismantling Joints, Bellows, Adaptors Solar Panels
Electrical Fittings and Equipment Safety and Personal Protection 
Power and distribution transformers Eye, Respiratory, Hearing, and Face Protection
Street  &  Garden Lighting Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarm Controls
Home     Automation Welding Curtains, Helmets and Shields
Lighting Controls Fire Blankets, Safety Shoes
Entertainment   Lighting Powered and Manual Tools
Electrical Wiring Devices  Fire Fighting Equipment

Electrical Motors

Gloves and Coverall

Surge Protection  Workshop Tools
Energy Management  Safety Signage 
Cables & cable accessories
Electrical Control panels & switches